Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Karmagenes genetic test?
Q2. Who designed the test and how accurate it is?
Q3. Why did we start Karmagenes?
Q4. Does Karmagenes genetic test deals with health issues?
Q5. Scientifically speaking, is it real that DNA affects our behavior? How is that possible?
Q6. Why we do not reveal specific SNPs and the exact way that we do our analysis?
Q7. Does my DNA sequence remain the same after many years e.g. after 10, 20, 50 years?
Q8. Is it painful to collect DNA for Karmagenes test?
Q9. Do we deliver our DNA collectors internationally?
Q10. What are the procedures to do the test?
Q11. What if my results are ‘’bad’’?
Q12. At what age can I do Karmagenes test?
Q13. Do we have any hidden costs?
Q14. What about ethical issues and behavioral genetics?
Q15. I am still worried regarding the link between DNA and behavior and how definite that can be.
Q16. What information do we extract from and how do we treat the client DNA sample and data?
Q17. How do we ensure anonymity?
Q18. How do we know which client each profile belongs to, then?
Q19. What kind of algorithms we plan to use to match people?
Q20. How do we store and protect the data?
Q21. What is our record keeping policy?
Q22. Do we have applicable processes in place?
Q23. What are Karmagenes regulatory mandates and certifications?
Q24. What about genetic test providers and competition?
Q25. Is direct to consumer genetic testing popular?
Q26. At the end of the day, what’s in it for me as a customer?

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