Our team is a blend of talented, committed and competent individuals. Ranging from doctors in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience and Psychology to engineers in Network Coding, Communication and Data Security. All devoted to communicate science effectively and deliver excellent product quality.

Core Team

Kyriakos Kokkoris, Ph.D
Kyriakos Kokkoris, Ph.D

#1 at Karmagenes

Kyriakos’s exploration of 4 different countries on two different continents led him to Sweden where he received his Masters of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Uppsala followed by relocating to Switzerland for his PhD in Fundamental Microbiology from the University of Lausanne. His affection to entrepreneurship and inspiration from his work as a liaison between Academia and local industries at Geneva Creativity Center steered him to engage in a startup of his own to apply the set of skills previously acquired. Currently, Kyriakos is #1 at Karmagenes dealing with all necessary actions to make it successful with a major focus on business development, networking, sales and fundraising. Proud & happy dad of a baby boy, Kyriakos passion is being with friends and family on an island with blue waters and coconut trees, a cocktail in hand, playing chess or poker then going fishing.

Dr. Samer Yammine
Dr. Samer Yammine

CTO at Karmagenes

Samer’s scientific track initiated with a pre-med school education with a focus on Medical Cytogenetics followed by a Masters of Science in Molecular Biology. Moved to Sweden to receive a Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology with a Forensic Science thesis from Uppsala University. Ultimately, technically skilled and result driven mind set paved the way for a Medicine Doctor in Epigenetics from Karolinska Institute. Samer is professionally passionate about Design, User Experience, Innovation and Business Development with extensive experience in problem-solving and creative solutions within the life Science and biotech sector. Samer dedication at Karmagenes is to continuously build the company’s brand identity and business strategies. Whereas a CTO, Samer constantly oversees that Karmagenes technology and innovation remains at the top of its class. Co-founder of a gorgeous baby girl as well as keen for wild life adventures, karting races and tech gadgets adopting.

Omaya Dudin
Omaya Dudin

CSO at Karmagenes

Omaya’s had a passion and curiosity for research since he was 10 years old, when he used to look at everything under the microscope. He is now finalizing his PhD thesis at the University of Lausanne in genetics and cell biology, after accomplishing his masters studying gene expression at Grenoble University. Currently, Co-founder and CSO of Karmagenes,Omaya’s main roles are product development and marketing strategies of the DNA-based personality test. His amazing social skills, outgoing personality and positive attitude make him an indispensable asset for public relations and human resources management. Omaya is a dreamer, the kind that works hard to achieve his goals.

Michael Röhrig
Michael Röhrig

Psychometrics Officer at Karmagenes

Michael’s journey with science started in 2003 at the Freie Universität in Berlin, a science degree with special focus on the psychology of personalities followed by an in depth specialization in psychotherapy of personal disorders.
Currently, a psychologist in a consulting center, youth welfare in Hemer, Germany. At Karmagenes, Michael main role is the development of psychological assessment tools, Psycho-DNA algorithm development and consultancy. Aside from science, Michael have a broad interest in all kind of media, strategic games, science as well as a passion for horses.

Michalina Lewicka, Ph.D
Michalina Lewicka, Ph.D

Brand Ambassador at Karmagenes

Michalina’s desire to unravel the complexity of the human brain led her after a Masters in Neuroanatomy from the Jagiellonian University in Poland to move to Karolinska Institute in Sweden where she completed her Medicine Doctor in Developmental Neurobiology. She holds prodigious experience with biomaterials and numerous applications to the stem cells and regenerative medicine field. Professionally, Michalina is ultimately interested in 3D bio printing and biomaterials with innovative solutions applicable to the regenerative medicine or with great impact on health. Her open-minded and communicative nature blended with her traveling passion and multicultural interests make her a valuable team member within Karmagenes as the newsletter curator and social butler.

Management Team

Simon Sarkissian
Simon Sarkissian

Head of Business Development & Strategy

Simon is an economist by training with a BSc (Hons) Business Economics from Middlesex University and an MSc Financial Economics from the University of Exeter in the UK. Even though he might be an outsider to academia and the sciences, Simon felt challenged to apply his professional experience so as to enhance business opportunities for Karmagenes, in line with its vision. Previously he held various business development, sales & marketing roles in mainly mobile telecommunications and technology vendors, while past experience has also included banking and financial services. An aspiring student of the world, experienced at navigating the complexities inherent in the global marketplace, aims at finding a way to get it done rather than getting lost in the translations. Other than that, Simon considers himself a lifelong learner, enjoys travelling, is a keen swimmer and big music fan. Last but least, he has got an obsession with all sorts of geography trivia and foreign languages.

Stelios Michalis
Stelios Michalis

Operations Manager

Stelios studied electronic engineering at the University of Athens as his passion with the computers had already began when he was 10 years old. He can spend many hours in front of a computer screen discovering new technologies. Because of his passion for organization, he has worked for many years in the field of Logistics, monitoring and controlling IT systems of big warehouses. Knowing his organizational abilities, his efficiency, his good judgement and his honest nature, his team has always been happy having him as a supervisor. Moreover, he is obsessed with operation management and because he is a very disciplined person, he wants to check every detail of his work and he focuses on achieving the best result. He likes watching football matches with friends, eating pizzas and drinking beers. He also loves travelling and exploring new countries and new cultures. However he is thrilled with being on beautiful islands, relaxing and swimming all day.

Elie El Hachem
Elie El Hachem

Sales and Product Specialist

Elie, since he was young, he liked to multitask and travel. That’s why during his first year of my Master degree’s, he went for 1 year to Sweden to discover a new culture and then during his second year of master, he did BioTechCo that combine Biology and Sales. His role at karmagenes is to find and identify customers and try to make collaborations. In such role, his optimism and his perseverance play the ultimate function towards building external relationship with our customers.


Emmanuel Kokoris

Personal Business Advisor

Mr Kokoris is the Co-founder and Director of The Coffee Club. The Coffee Club has more that 450 stores up-to-date and the 2014 revenue was $300M+. Mr Kokoris advises Karmagenes regarding licensing, financing, business growth and brand establsihment.
Joel Rossier

Swiss Business Advisor

Joel brings to Karmagenes his expertise that ranges from startup coaching and business strategy to algorithm development and technology innovation.

About Us

Our Mission

  • Bring science and more specifically genetics into our daily life.
  • Promote DNA positiveness.
  • Uncover our potential.

Our Vision

  • The world leader when it comes to DNA personality test.

Our Value

  • Employ science and genetics in an honest, transparent and authentic way using modern technologies.

Our Business Conduct

  • Think. Act. Be honest.
  • Before you execute take the time to think how to execute.
  • Be decisive and in the right moment act.
  • When you are honest you have nothing to worry even when you forget. There is nothing to worry since you are always telling the truth.
  • Try to solve a problem that bothers you. The more you wait the bigger it becomes.
  • As Socrates said ‘’I know that I know nothing’’. Ask when you don’t know.
  • Use your mind and be critical but keep an open-mind for new ideas or suggestions.
  • Do not misuse any information to discriminate or mistreat any person.
  • Your word should be stronger than 1000 NDAs.
  • Support to be supported, respect to be respected, listen to be listened.
  • Smile often, it is contagious.
  • Never be worried of more work, be worried of no work.