Invest in a better you

Genetic and psychometric analysis + one-on-one consultation.


Understand your Nature and Nurture

We combine genetic and psychometric analysis to bridge the gap between your innate potential and acquired skills.  It is time to get to know better one of the most important persons in your life- yourself. 

Reach your potential

Knowledge is power. Get your analytical behavioral report and make better life choices. Talk anytime with one of our personality coaches and ask for personalised advice. 

Unique methodology

Human Behavioural Genetics is an exploding science with an overall research span of 24'000+ scientific publications. It has been shown that up to 65% of our personality is influenced by DNA and there are numerous publications showing clearly the effect of genetics in behavior.

Our algorithmic analysis uses a polygenic approach meaning a multi-factor analysis, complemented with custom psychometric assessment to provide an as complete as possible behavioral evaluation and to ensure the highest possible accuracy.


Meet our coaches

Olga Gerardin, personal growth coach (English, French, Russian).

Dissatisfied with your job? Feeling negative?

Olga has extensive experience in executive coaching, professional development and transformational therapy.

She loves to empower professionals to achieve their career and life aspirations and positively impact the lives of those around them.

Michael Rohrig, Psychologist (English, German).

Personal problems at home or at work? Feeling alone?

Michael comes from a family of psychologists and studied psychology of personalities at Freie Universitat in Berlin.

He loves to support people on their way to pursue happiness and his focus areas are personal development and overall wellbeing. 

Dr Samer Yammine, Biodesigner (English, Arabic).

Not sure what to do next? Feeling lost? 

Samer, an entrepreneur himself, teaches Bioentrepreneurship and Innovation at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

He loves to empower students to think out-of-the-box by combining their academic mindset with innovative solutions and technological advances.